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From school failure to First Class Honours!

10.000 students, MBA students, and Asia-Pacific Union Leaders benefited.

Hon. Demetrios Nicolaides
Minister of ADVANCED Education, Alberta, CANADA
January 26, 2020
“I was very interested to learn of your academic and professional achievements and your drive by sharing your knowledge and experience…..
….I hope you are successful in your goal of supporting people in developing their Study and Learning Skills in an online setting.”

  Your past MISTAKES are meant to GUIDE YOU, not define you.


by Minister of ADVANCED Education

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Mastering Complexity through Simplicity


More Study Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner…

This is a WRONG website if you……

…. are looking for shortcuts, easy ways, and miracles in studying.

The BRUTAL TRUTH is that studying is hard work, especially if you are in East Asia. Every year you must go through the national high-stakes exams!

3 integral parts (acronym ASH) to a successful student life

  1. Activation: As a student, by default of the education system, you are automatically activated to study. No choice. Self-motivation is extra.
  2. System: Every day, you use systems like traffic systems, banking systems, computer systems, etc. to be more efficient. Have you ever asked:

“What is the system you use to study?”

You are thought what to study but not thought how to study.

  1. Habit: In the exclusive Honours Achievers there are weekly video coaching and link-minded peer group to pace you to cultivate good HABITS of DISCIPLINED actions to implement your system to study.

“Motivation Is What Gets You Started,
HABIT Is What Keeps You Going.” -Jim Rohn

Against all odds to bounce back!

Bernard CHAN, YES (Your Effective System) in Learning Inc, Founder.

I am your friend. I understand your difficulties well. Why?
At 8 years old in Singapore in Anglo-Chinese School, I failed with a flood of grade “X” which was/is worse than “F”. A BAD failure. However, later as a matured student, I got First-Class honors in engineering and an MBA.

If my system could transform me from a total failure to a First Class Honours degree holder, just imagine how it can empower you…of course, assuming that your primary school results are way better than my results of being in the 41st position out of 43 students in the class.


What People Say

Jason Kenney

Premier of Alberta, Canada

Feb 23, 2021

I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to share your knowledge and experince to help equip others to succeeed.

Demetrios Nicolaides

Minister of Advanced Education, Alberta, Canada

Jan 26, 2020

I hope you are successful in your goal of supporting people in developing their Study and Learning Skills in an online setting.

Mr. Takashi Izumi

General Secretary, International Conference of Free Trade Unions

Nov 15, 1989

Your contribution as a course Facilitator has helped to greatly to make this first course held in Singapore memorable.

Mr. Francis YEO

Training Manager Singapore, Technical Institute

Feedback from the trainees revealed that they had found the talks interesting, enlightening, stimulating and very relevant to their studies.

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By using a Study Skills SYSTEM, students' tears, fears and self-doubt turn to smiles, courage and self-confident in the midst of study and examination stresses.