I am Bernard Chan.

YES (Your Effective System) in Learning Inc. Founder.

Mission: Teach Study Skills SYSTEM to students and part-time adult students.

My Study Skills SYSTEM have the PREMIER of the province and the Minister of ADVANCED Education letters and they appreciate me using the SYSTEM to help you and more people. There is no other system which can have such high level of acknowledgement.


By using a Study Skills SYSTEM, students’ tears, fears and self-doubt turn to smiles, courage and self-confident in the midst of study and examination stresses.


Each student deserves the right to have a fighting chance to succeed in studies and we spare no effort to ensure that each student is able to develop their own Study Skills SYSTEM to fulfil that right.


What People Say

Jason Kenney

Premier of Alberta, Canada

Feb 23, 2021

I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to share your knowledge and experince to help equip others to succeeed.

Demetrios Nicolaides

Minister of Advanced Education, Alberta, Canada

Jan 26, 2020

I hope you are successful in your goal of supporting people in developing their Study and Learning Skills in an online setting.

Mr. Takashi Izumi

General Secretary, International Conference of Free Trade Unions

Nov 15, 1989

Your contribution as a course Facilitator has helped to greatly to make this first course held in Singapore memorable.

Mr. Francis YEO

Training Manager Singapore, Technical Institute

Feedback from the trainees revealed that they had found the talks interesting, enlightening, stimulating and very relevant to their studies.

I understand your difficulties well, because….

“RIGHT from primary 1 in Anglo Chinese Primary School, Bernard Chan managed to stay just one or two positions ahead of the last boy in the class. In Primary 2, he failed and was retained for a year. He failed again but was “pushed up” to Primary 3.” Cover Story, The Straits Times June 3, 1991.
So, I know what you don’t know, and I use this vantage point to build my study skills through a video program to help you.

Even if YOU have severe procrastination, avoidance habits, and experience countless blows, you CAN also BE TRANSFORMED.

Once you develop your own Study Skills SYSTEM it will open your intellectual FLOODgate!

You have never seen an advertisement or any small business that have such a senior politicians to write about their business. It is extremely difficult to get such a letters. It is easy to persuade ordinary people, but it is difficult to persuade the Premier and the Minister of Advanced Education.

My SYSTEM Engineering degree course was a study of SYSTEMS to control all sorts of things.

I used the SYSTEM Engineering approach to develop a Study Skills SYSTEM to help me go against the ODDS of past failures to a academic success in a world-class university. Use my tried and tested system to reach a higher level of learning and reach your potential.

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By using a Study Skills SYSTEM, students' tears, fears and self-doubt turn to smiles, courage and self-confident in the midst of study and examination stresses.