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Lesson 7 of 8 Students (Eng. Language) LECTURE

Lesson length: 1:39:50

Topic: Lecture, English, Chinese, Tuition, Underdog, Relax, Exam

L, Lecture: How to prepare for lectures, concentrate on lectures, and recapture the lessons taught.

E, English: How to quickly improve your English without FEAR!
C, Chinese: 3 Chinese characters to help you communicate with others.
T, Tutors: How to find a good tuition center?
U, Underdog: How to overcome your weakness in subjects.
R, Relax: You need to be relaxed to learn better.
E, Exam: How to prepare and what to do in the exam hall.

Unit Practice

Try one method from each category.

Keep exercising in exam period.

In the exam, after answering each question, take a DEEP breath (not too loud please) and at the same time blink 3 to 5 times . This will relax you and bring oxygen to your mind to help you think clearly about the answer to the next question.