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Lesson 2 of 3 Parents (English Language)

Lesson length: 35:12

Topic: Praise, Ask, Relationship, Exam, Never, Tuition

P: Praise
A: Ask
R: Relationship
E: Exam.
N: Never
T: Tuition

Unit Practice

 Praise your children’s effort and system.
Think of at least two correct ways to praise your children. Praise them for their progress and incremental improvements in studies, manners (they now keep their phones away when talking to you), and their actions to improve their physical health.  Watch on YouTube  Professor Dweck Growth Mindset.
If others praise your child, accept them graciously with a “Thank you” instead of pushing it away as if acting to be humble. People with high self-esteem praise and accept praise readily.
After thanking them, add, “My child also puts in lots of effort and has a system of doing things.”
Imagine how your child feels when he/she hears you.
Also if your child tells you that he/she is self-praising ALONE, it is good.  It boosts self-confidence and since it is just “alone” there is no fear of hurting the ego.
2. Think of a way of asking questions that would not be perceived by your children (or even spouse and colleagues) as intimidating. Remember, it is not what you say, it is what other people perceive.
3. Talk to your spouse more often with words like:
Thank You.
I need your opinion on…
I need your advice…
I love you!
4. Just your action of just taking a few days off during the exam period can be a tremendous boost to your children. “My papa and mama care.”
5. Never compare your children’s grades with anyone.  They DESERVE and have their RIGHT to be themselves.  Give them room to find their own paths and push through their potential using their own Study Skills SYSTEM.  Mine is a platform for them to start developing their own system.
YES (Your Effective System) in Learning Inc.
6. A good tuition center should first do an assessment of your child’s knowledge of the subject and place them in the right group for tutoring.  There should be open-door communication with you pertaining to the progress of your child.