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Lesson 3 of 8 Students (Eng. language) MBA

Lesson length: 1:10:47

Topic: Multi-tasking, Mood, Body

Multi-tasking can affect your concentration. Methods to overcome your no-mood to study. You need to keep fit to study well and find some simple and time-efficient ways to try out.

Unit Practice

1. Try at least one of the suggested ways to keep fit. Do it for 7 days to build it into your routine. Go slow for a start.
2. If your eyes are tired, don’t rub them but blink 3 to 5 times. This way, it will relax your eyes and not cause redness.
3. List the things you need to do instead of keeping them inside your head. By doing so, you can SEE the issues and the extent of your tasks helping you to prioritize.