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Lesson 3 of 3 Parents (English Language)

Lesson length: 1:04:29

Topic: Grow, Baby, Conclusion

G: Good friends.

R: Relax
O: Organize
W: Worries
B: Bad Friends
A: Attitude
B: Body
Y: Your system

Unit Practice

1. Have a conversation with your child on the quality of a good…FIRE: Fair, Integrity, Reliable, Equality.
Where to get them?
Discuss also Bad friends and how to handle bullies with the help of the school if needed.
2. Find a way to relax with your family. For example, the family participates in some practical courses that are vital to life: basic first aid training, basic swimming lessons, and one-day self-defense training (your local police station may have this type).
3. Start a simple daily 5 mins physical exercise for the whole family. It can be as simple as encouraging everyone to drink a large cup of warm water (40C) and jump 100 steps and laugh 3 times at least 15 mins before breakfast.
It will soon develop into a 5 and then 10 mins daily routine.
You will cherish these moments and decades later your child will tell their grandchildren why he is that healthy!
“You do not need to do great things to be extraordinary; you only need to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.”
4. Have a savings equal to 3 months of your household expenses as an emergency fund.  Talk to a licensed life insurance agent and get enough LOW-COST (can be the cost of a cup of coffee a day) term life insurance to protect your family for the next 20 to 25 years. Other types of life insurance can be bought separately so that even if you lose your job you still can pay for the basic low-cost life insurance coverage.  Never be oversold.  Consult your licensed life insurance agent right away.
5. Have a positive attitude as an example of your children. LAUGH more every day. Laugh till you can feel your stomach tightens up.
“If you need a reason to laugh you are in great trouble, because that reason can be taken away or it may never come.”