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Lesson 4 of 8 Students (Eng. language) MBA

Lesson length: 14:31

Topic: Appreciate


    MMood: Overcome the no-mood to study the problem in 5 mins each time it occurs.

Motivate: “Change the way you look at things, the things you look  at change.”

Trains you to look at the positive side of things.

Memory techniques: The more you study, the more you forget.

                                                   Solve that once and forever.

Body:  1 min exercise to fan off the stress of study. No more excuses for having no time to exercise.

            Our mind is only 2% of our weight but it uses 20% of our oxygen content. Learn how to breathe to bring more oxygen to your  brain.             

A: Appreciate.  If you learn how to show appreciation to your parents,  they will stop nagging you.  



Unit Practice

Think of a way to show appreciation for your mama and papa. You can start with not having your cell phone around (don’t even have it on the table) when having a conversation with them. It is that simple. Just do it