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Lesson 6 of 8 Students (Eng. Language) PASS

Lesson length: 47:00

Topic: System to ask ques, System to spot ques.


    P.       Positive thinking: Show you how to continuously interpret any

                      occurrence from within a vantage point.

“Change the way you look at things,  the things you look at change.” ― Albert Einstein                                                    

Praise: Praising yourself when you are alone to break those self-sabotaging thoughts.

Project work: Award-winning ideas on how to do university projects.


“I have been awarded the British Airway Prize (best project). A big thank you for your guidance.”

Mr. Ho Nam Ying, MSc Management Science,  Imperial College, London University.


A . Attitude:                   

                              Some wake up to an alarm.   Others wake up to a CALLING.”     -Unknown

S: System: Learn to ask questions in a hectic environment.

“Without questions, there is no learning.”        -W. Edwards Deming.             


S: System: To accurately predict (spot) exam questions.

              Turn your mess into massive success by mastering Complexity through Simplicity.

Learn how to ask questions so that you do not miss out on important ideas. This was a great help to me to structure my questions so that I would not miss asking.

Use of mind map to link up KEY concepts and use the past year’s questions and “model answers” to place in your mind map to spot questions.

Unit Practice

  • Use the Question Sheet with 3 columns:
    Source of Question (small column)
    Answers from the teacher.


  • Try to twist the questions around. Eg. In math, give it different numbers to calculate. Instead of computing for the angle, you can create a problem to calculate the sides or even look around your house to apply the math calculations to find the diagonal of your computer screen. This makes it more FUN and arouses YOUR CURIOSITY (which is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something) in learning! Curiosity will fire up your enthusiasm and that was how I pushed myself from a failure to reach my own POTENTIAL in studies and in life.


  • Draw a mind map for MATH or Chemistry with past year questions alongside the topics. Use a few big sheets (3 x2 feet) to expand. Use color pens, drawings, and cut-out minimized diagrams placed onto the mind map.
    Use only keywords to connect key concepts.